Interview: Nico Fliegel

In the interview, Nico tells us how the combination of study and work works for him and what he wants for his professional future.

Olaf Mertens

How long have you been working at Krieger Digital?

I started working in financial accounting at the Krieger Group in 2018 as part of my dual studies. A little later, I moved to technical purchasing.

After exciting projects in this department, I continued to wander through the Krieger Group and was able to gain interesting insights into center management as well as SAP support at the beginning of 2019. Here, the project Rental Accounting – SAP RE-FX just started.

In March 2019, I then moved to Krieger Digital and the Höffner Möbelwerke project.

You work in the area of business development. What exactly do you mean by that?

I work on projects that drive e-commerce forward. From conception to go-live. After the successful launch, I accompany a project for a good part of the day-to-day business.

I recently completed the project. Now we are working on the strategic development and scaling of our upholstery specialist.

The second major project that is keeping me busy at the moment is our made-to-measure furniture project under the name Höffner Möbelwerke. Here, the customer is to be given even more options for individual cabinet design.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day I look forward to making the furniture trade and the Krieger Group even more digital. It’s great fun to bring in your own creativity in the development and implementation of marketing concepts, processes and much more. The associated variety of topics from marketing, finance, legal issues, technology, organization as well as graphics and design ensures that I am always developing myself and familiarizing myself with new topics. The collaboration and exchange with colleagues from all teams, departments and locations are also very supportive.

What are you studying?

I studied dual business administration and majored in business informatics. Although I wouldn’t have completed my bachelor’s degree until April 2020, I’ve already been working full-time in Business Development as a permanent employee since February 2020.

How does the combination of work and university work?

The combination of work and university worked very well for me, as I always had a good balance of practice and theory and was able to apply my knowledge and take on responsibility very early on. Care was always taken to ensure that my learning curve went steeply upwards. In addition, I was able to learn a lot from our competent colleagues, who always challenged and encouraged me. As a result, I developed personally very quickly and, in my opinion, well.

What are your wishes for your professional future?

I would like to continue to enjoy my work. I would also like to pursue a master’s degree and take on more responsibility in the future.

Are you writing your master’s/bachelor’s thesis on a topic from the company?

If it fits, I would like to write my master’s thesis on a topic from the company later on. There are certainly enough topics at our company.

Describe Krieger Digital in 5 words.

versatile, innovative, international, ambitious and straight forward

Describe your job in 3 words.

varied, responsible and challenging

What motto do you give others for a successful career?

“Just do it.”

At Krieger Digital, it’s not where someone comes from that counts, but rather what he or she can do and who he or she is. That’s why Nico and the entire Krieger Digital Hub are looking forward to applicants from all over the world. To bring you a big step closer to your dream job at Krieger Digital, we offer a relocation service to assist you in all matters related to your move to Berlin.


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