Find answers to your most pressing questions about Krieger Digital’s work philosophy and atmosphere here.

How we work

The core working hours at Krieger Digital are from 09:00 to 16:00. However, you have the option to start your workday earlier if you are more of an early bird.

If it’s possible in your department, we offer you – as we call it – a flex office solution. Depending on the position, you can work up to two days a week from wherever you are, after consulting with your department. Of course, you should take meetings and important in-house appointments into account in your planning.

In fact, at any given time since the end of the lockdown, at least two-thirds of our colleagues on average are still working from home. This allows us to ensure that the one third who comes into the office can maintain a safe distance.

Of course! Whether a MacBook or Thinkpad, our devices are high-quality, solid and resilient. And should you ever need help, our support team is not far away.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to work with your own hardware. On the one hand, there are security aspects and internal regulations. On the other hand, we would sooner or later push our IT support to the edge of its capacities with constantly new devices.

That depends on the area in which you support Krieger Digital. Depending on the area, you will work in teams of two or more. For certain projects, there are also separate task forces to effectively, efficiently and interdisciplinarily combine forces.

We offer a 10% staff discount in all furniture stores and online stores. You can also use a free shuttle service to get to work and have a discounted lunch at the Höffner restaurant ‘Kochmütze’.