Data Team

What we do.

Processes and Organization

In Krieger Digital’s central development area, we make sure that our software, interfaces and the entire IT architecture are aligned and that processes run smoothly. Here we manage new requirements, changes, performance, capacities, problems, configurations, software versions, security aspects and avert disasters.

IT Engineering

Our engineers have full control over the data-driven heart of Krieger Digital. From in-house software and applications to operating systems and hardware, we design all of the information technology we need to run and sustain our business – supporting, managing and securing the Krieger site network, as well as our e-commerce and digital marketing operations.

Applied Technology

At Krieger Digital, we not only design and develop our entire IT infrastructure ourselves; we also naturally apply it in our day-to-day work. We use our corporate IT to control the entire company – from merchandise management and accounting to lighting systems and monitoring in our furniture stores. This way we create and maintain absolute independence and entrepreneurial flexibility.


We can do even more! We also market our products in various stores, ensure great online presences for our brands like Höffner, Möbel Kraft and Sconto and address our target group on all social media and online channels. Here, online marketeers work hand-in-hand with CRM, UX/UI and customer service professionals and catapult our stores to the top of the online retailer rankings.