SAP Rental Accounting

Facts: The Krieger Group is a conglomerate of a large number of furniture stores with nationwide networks of locations. To manage them, it needs a real estate management department on the one hand and a department that takes care of the finance areas linked to it on the other. For smooth collaboration, these departments need a unified framework that standardizes data transfer and information processing.

Period: 2018 – current

Project goals

  • Unification of the programs used in the administration and accounting departments
  • Conversion of the existing administration system to the SAP software RE-FX


  • The logical shrinking of 4 separate software programs into one
  • The transfer of the old databases into the SAP system
  • The consideration of different terminology and cataloging
  • Adapting the SAP framework to the needs of the Krieger Group


The new SAP application was to replace 4 external software programs that had previously been coupled via various interfaces. This presented us with the following tasks in particular:

– the replacement of the necessity of manual interventions by automations,
– the optimization of communication and handling,
– and the personalization of various components of the framework.


Setting up on-demand automation to initiate multiple queries and tasks simultaneously:

  • Real-time data transfer
  • Archiving
  • Invoicing
  • Document management


Thanks to SAP RE-FX:

  • Database updates can be run during the day-to-day operations
  • Those responsible for all task areas can view changes made by colleagues in real time


Thanks to its modular structure, we were able to customize SAP RE-FX component by component to meet our needs:

  • Integration of the financial accounting and controlling components
  • Creation of company-specific correspondence layouts
  • Programming of associated document enhancements
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