REACT Frontend

REACT Frontend

Facts: Krieger Digital operates all individual online furniture stores of the Krieger Group via a central store platform. In order to make the agility and simultaneity of the coordination of all brands and languages future-proof and to reduce the maintenance effort of the Node.js framework used so far, we are currently working on a new frontend system based on REACT. In this way, we want to decentralize the frontends in the important places.

Period: 2020 – current

Project goals

  • Improve loading times of online stores especially for mobile access
  • Integrate REACT architecture and microservices
  • Further expand competitive position


  • Implementing the new technology into the existing system while keeping the store up and running
  • Building flexible and efficient frontends powered by microservices
  • Stabilizing and maintaining the system in the background to keep REACT up and running


To develop interchangeable, extensible and segmentable user interfaces, we need to merge these two components:

– the redesign with microservices with
– the conversion from Node.js to REACT.


Microservices are designed to ensure two things: On the one hand, centralized and simultaneous control of all interfaces. On the other hand, the individual customization of single frontends. To achieve this, we need to:

  • Replace the previous monolith with a more gentle microservice architecture
  • Integrate these microservices into the new ERP

REACT Framework

To implement a more responsive, user-friendly framework for single-page applications with REACT, we need to:

  • Develop a modern panel in combination with the microservices in order to
  • Permanently reduce resource and maintenance investments
You are a full stack frontend developer and familiar with the verticalization of microservice architectures? Then add your manpower and expertise to our skills pool!


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