Neues ERP


Facts: For a constantly growing company like the Krieger Group, the stability of a centrally controllable integrated system that must be able to handle a multitude of accesses is essential. The focus on the future of furniture retailing also demands that a solution not only works temporarily, but also provides lasting benefits for the business. That is why the development of the new ERP is primarily about creating software that will last in the long term and can be dynamically expanded.

Period: 2020 – current

Project goals

  • Implementation of a perfect end-to-end system
  • Development of a lean, universally integrable and scalable solution
  • Modernization of the entire system landscape


  • Rewriting 2 million lines of code programmed in RPG into Java
  • Considering the needs of all stakeholders
  • Application of the software in the next decades
  • Fastest possible implementation and dynamic realization


The central task is to replace the ERP, which has been in use for 30 years, with a new, optimized version in the next few years. Our main focus is on:

– the modernization of the existing software
– and the engineering of the successor software

Software modernization

The modernization includes:

  • streamlining the RPG code programmed 30 years ago
  • upgrading to Java / Java Type Script technology stack

Software engineering

renewal of the software structure through:

  • ntensive, interdepartmental cooperation in
  • the elicitation of requirements
  • the interface design
  • architecture and implementation
  • up to the roll-out.
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