Bye-bye AS/400

Olaf Mertens on the W4K project

Olaf joined Krieger Digital six months ago and works as a Lead Software Developer in the development team. In this interview, he tells us what he particularly likes about his work and what exactly we can imagine about the W4K project. Because anyone who knows the predecessor “W2K” knows that the F5 key won’t be enough here to update the system.

Olaf Mertens

What stages did you go through on the way to your current position?

“During my studies in communications engineering in the 90s, I realized that my main interests were software development and Linux. During this time, I gained my first experience in professional projects as a trainee.

After graduation, I specialized in the Java programming language and worked as a developer and architect in various industries, mostly as an external consultant.”

You are responsible for the W4K project. What exactly do you mean by that?

“The W4K project involves replacing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of the Krieger Group furniture stores (Höffner, Sconto, etc.). Because this is currently based on traditional mainframe technology (IBM AS/400) and is to be replaced by modern technologies,” he tells us in an interview with Krieger Digital, and also reveals that “our online store will also eventually be integrated into the project.”

“I’m taking care of the technical architecture of the new system. But in the current quite early phase of the project, I’m also busy providing the necessary infrastructure.”

What do you enjoy most about the project?

“Being able to support a project of this size from the very beginning is an opportunity that you don’t get very often,” admits Olaf enthusiastically.

“I particularly appreciate the flat hierarchies here, which are reminiscent of a start-up. So all discussions take place at eye level and it’s easier to implement your own ideas.”

– Olaf Mertens

What do you consider to be the most important success factor in the project?

“We have to manage to make the new system modular and flexible,” knows the head of the architecture team. “Technological development in the software world is becoming increasingly rapid. We can’t know today what requirements will come our way in five years.”

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