Post Merger Integration

Facts: At the end of 2018, the Krieger Group decided to take over 10 furniture stores of a company including the headquarters in Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia. In the project of the same name, it was now the task of IT to fit the 10 furniture stores into our infrastructure network and modernize them.

Period: End of 2018 – End of 2019

Project Goals

  • Entrepreneurial expansion
  • Migration of existing systems to those of the Krieger Group
  • Standardization of ERP, technology and control


  • An implementation phase lasting only a few weeks
  • The parallel operation of existing and new infrastructur
  • The continuation of ongoing business operations
  • Coordination within the scope of demolition and new building construction in Paderborn


In order to ensure that the changeover from the old to the new system was as smooth as possible, and that existing customers were as unaffected as possible, we had to:

– carry out a target/actual requirement comparison analysis on site
– integrate the new sites into our infrastructure
– replace the hardware and the existing computing system
– and finally, virtualize the relevant systems

Needs Analysis

This scope of work included:

  • On-site survey of existing processes and infrastructure
  • Audit, analysis and assessment of the conditions with the result that everything had to be completely renewed, both analog and digital

Infrastructure Integration

At the same time we were handling sales and demolition of the headquarters for a future central control in Berlin-Schönefeld,

  • the new locations, including inventory, personnel and financial accounting, etc., had to be input into our databases, but at the same time
  • keeping the old system active to constantly update due to changes in the personnel structure.

Hardware and IT Replacement

This step required meticulous coordination because everything was done during the demolition and new construction of the headquarters:

  • Preservation of the server rooms and their functionality
  • Relocation of the new hardware
  • Installation of Krieger Digital’s own network technology
  • Installation of our self-programmed software on all end devices

System Virtualization

With the end of the new construction phase, we initiated a data backup:

  • Transferring the complete data system backup to our virtual servers, including:
  • the original WWS
  • the personnel data
  • all data archives
  • accounting data
  • file and e-mail servers
  • Transfer of the old servers to Berlin
  • Kick-off of the restore process
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