Data Team

Data Team

Facts: The Krieger Digital Data Team orchestrates all self-developed algorithms, self-programmed software and in-house designed tools. Here we uncover the digital optimization and automation potential of all departments – from e-commerce to marketing to merchandise logistics – that work with data in a narrower or broader sense. After all, data is at the heart of modern furniture retailing, too.

Period: 2019 – current

Project goals

  • Data-driven optimization of cross-departmental processes
  • Automation for greater efficiency and resource reduction
  • Sharpening the company’s focus for the future


  • Digital and data-driven organization of real variables
  • Data systematization for meaningful analysis
  • Dealing with multidimensional and unmanageable data volumes
  • Business advancement through segmentation, summarization, hierarchization and analysis


In addition to collecting and evaluating data, the Data Team is primarily responsible for distributing the data relevant to the departments in order to make internal, virtual processes fit for the future:

– Reporting and Business Intelligence, as well as
– Implementation of automations.

Reporting and BI

This involves identifying relevant data for marketing, online logistics and programmers by

  • using our own data-driven DSS and analytics systems,
  • continuously developing and adapting said systems,
  • measuring the traffic, CTR and ROI of
  • Websites,
  • Stores,
  • Marketing, SEO, campaigns and ads analysis, touchpoint attribution and assortment design and costing


The goal of process automation is to improve the user experience by:

  • the construction of dashboards
  • the development of algorithms
  • the preparation of collected data
Data is just your thing? Granularity has nothing to do with grains and cardinality nothing to do with church? Then the Krieger Digital data team is the right place for you.


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