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AWS Cloud Migration

Facts: With AWS Cloud Migration, we kicked off a project to replace the 6-year-old store infrastructure. Although the system had already been virtualized, an ever-growing company that continuously integrates new locations and retail brands requires an increasingly complex and sophisticated store platform. At the same time, it must be highly flexible. Our solution was therefore: AWS Cloud Migration.

Period: current

Project goals

  • Maximum flexibility and agility
  • Introduction of microservices
  • Establishment of a DevOps team
  • Optimal utilization of almost unlimited scaling possibilities


  • Consideration of security factors
  • Ensuring data privacy
  • Connectivity of the Krieger Digital network to the AWS cloud
  • Increasing the level of automation of our applications
  • Developing the cloud readiness of our applications
  • Increasing the size and restructuring the team of experts


With the following measures we want to better absorb load peaks, remain flexible and agile in terms of scalability, adding and disconnecting certain services, and test software, systems and compatibility:

– Implementation of all necessary components,
– ppermanent further development.

System Implementation

The following steps were taken to achieve this:

  • Established a DevOps and cloud team.
  • Made existing applications cloud-ready
  • Replacing existing, monolithic applications with native AWS solutions
  • Coupling of various corporate systems and interfaces
  • Set up an elaborate test environment

Further development

This ongoing process includes:

  • Intensive testing of our developments and migrated components
  • Planning and execution of launches and cutovers
  • Continuous expansion and extension of the virtual server environment
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